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Some of these pics are really out of focus ): sorry about that. I didn't get a whole lot of good ones with the digicam, but here's a fun rundown of the event. Some of the pics look funny - it's because they had a big screen up behind the podium, showing what was being broadcast on the web. Sometimes, if I couldn't see anything, I took pictures of that.

This is me and my dad, back in Astoria. I just like this pic so I'm putting it first.

These are from when we first got to Madison Square Garden

Me, Missy, and Kurt at graduation. Guys, that guy really took a bunch of these, lol.

They had this little old lady who graduated in 1937 come out with a torch, it was sooo cute.

This is a too-dark pic of a bunch of the graduating students. I know like NONE of these people. Except, randomly, Ted from high school was RIGHT next to us in line. The graduation was not alphabetic, it was a mess. I just found out that my mom, aunt, and grandma missed me going up, and aparently at the very end my grandma yelled out "you didn't call Renee!!"

Ok, so let's discuss the weirdo on the left. He was a faculty speaker. Ok, so this weirdo gets up there, he's some kind of Russian history professor, and basically talks for like 30 minutes about how we're all going to be killed by nuclear missiles because Russia is a mess and our generation sucks. Thanks for the info, psycho. The pic on the right is our dean, crapping his pants over this guy telling us we're all going to die, and on the right is a professor yawning. It was weird, to say the least. Although my dad aparently liked his speech. Hello??!!

"This is a celebratory time to celebrate professors who..." I have no idea who this is, but when he said that sentence I took his pic.

That's our valedictorian on the left, who I thought was cute so I took his pic. The one on the right is some junior, I forget why he was there, but I thought he was cute, too, hence another pic.

This guy gave a lot of money to our school. But more importantly, doesn't he look kinda like Al Pacino? I thought so, so I took his pic. But then he put glasses on.

At the end they did this little song medley and had pics up from past all-university graduations (the thing in two days).

This is us all looking funny walking down 32nd St in our gowns.

Pics from driving home. That licence plate says dootie! Too funny.

The Daily News building, where my grandpa used to work (still driving home...). He went to NYU, too. awwww.

More of me and my dad.

Pics before/at family dinner

Group shot at family dinner