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Welcome to my webpage!

You are the nth person to visit my page, where n equals the number in red below:

Hi, my name's Renee, I'm a senior at NYU and I haven't had a chance to update this page in a very long time, so it's kind of boring right now. I'm double majoring in comp sci and anthropology, and I'm most likely going to be a consultant next year... There're some links below, some are broken but the rest are fun.

Random stuff:

For those of you still using .wavs (still my favs), here are some Seinfeld sounds:

While I'm on the subject of Seinfeld, have a friendly half-time Kramer buck:

Kramer Buck

And of course I haven't completely forgotten about the Simpsons:

Here are some miscellaneous sounds:

Here are some links:

And now for some "not my friends" links:

I guess this is the end. Don't you wish there were more? If you have any comments, just click below (unless they involve the lack of frames, Java, or anything cool).

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