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These pics are resized by less than half of what they are on the digicam disks, if you want the full size just email me, I just wanted to make this a little more downloadable (: .

This is a fun ad I saw on the way to commencement.

All us cs dorks

Missy making a tassel fashion statement.

Waiting in line for the procession. We were first because CAS kicks ass. And we were founded first, but that's not important, we just kick ass.

The procession. I think it's kinda cool that you could see the Twin Towers from here.

CAS sat right up front. All the empty chairs in the back were for Stern and Tisch. And like the million other colleges. The ones that don't kick ass as much as us.

They had the horn players on top of the arch, and the fountain kinda danced to the music (:

They gave us these cute binoculars.

Our view of the stage

Whoo-hoo! Ang Lee's speaking! The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon guy. But man, look at '98! Gore AND Spike Lee! How funny is Spike's real name? And the caption for Bill Cosby?! "Actor.... Author.... Philanthropist..." Jello Pudding Guy...

More random pics of the park

He's a little hard to find, but these are pics of Kurt. Too bad that bald guy kept getting in the way. Look behind the tassel in the pic on the right.

The fountain, park, blah blah

Larry and Paolo, and just Larry. They stood up for a nice shot, but I ran out of disk space! Damn! By the time I reloaded everyone was just confused.

Looking down from standing on a chair

CAS got little pompoms to play with. Missy LOVED hers.

Watching the procession. That girl has an eyeball on her hat!

Our first glance at Ang Lee

They brought in all these flags representing the different colleges. Mt. Sinai is incorporated with NYU now? Who knew.

Mr. Hemmerdinger! As in, the lounge in Main.

The second guy from the left is a NYSE bigwig.

This is my mini shrine for Ang Lee, whose movies I've never seen. "I didn't learn much here, and what I did learn, I've completely forgotten." His speech was fun (:

More pics of CAS grads. Someone started tossing a beach ball around (:

AHH! Frankenstein! To the right of the blonde. That's where some professors sat.

Someone in School of Ed had an umbrella that said "About Time"

These are honorary grads from Tisch. I took their pics in case they're famous some day.

People jumped in the fountain at the end

Missy and her mom

My parents used to take me to this park alllll the time so my mom wanted pics from the slide, because we have a bunch of baby pics from that slide. I think she thought the pic in the middle was the same one, but it doesn't look like it to me.

This is the site of our new, ultra-nice Kimmel student center, and the site of the wreck of our ultra-oldandfallingapart Loeb student center.

We passed by the UN on the way home and I played tourist.